Possibilities shaped by constraints of arithmetic


Participating in Math 199 class on Zoom.
Top row (L to R): Hunter Rowe, Prof. Ellen Eischen, Nitan Avivi, Azusena Rosales Suares; Middle row (L to R): Lilly Cordier, Chloe Miller, Gabby Bennett, Morgan Presson; Bottom row (L to R): Salvador Garcia, Derek McBride, Hannah Cui, JJ Thomas

In addition to the Math 199 participants pictured above, many people have contributed to this project, including:

  • Consultant on STEM communication, improvisation, and museums
    Heather Barnes from Improv At Work

  • Graduate student contributors
  • Cruz Godar and Andy Huchala

  • Faculty contributors
  • Robert Lipshitz and Martin H. Weissman

  • Staff at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, especially
  • Cheryl Hartup (Curator of Academic Programs and Latin American & Caribbean Art), who has worked on this project since its inception
    Sherri Jones (Museum Education Program Coordinator), who led a session on Visual Thinking Strategies