Where am I?

The structure of this subject is noticable and quite intriging even with the naked eye. All of the facets glitter with metallic luster. It was difficult to prepare this specimen because it is quite delicate, and what is more, is it needed to liberated from its glass enclosure. This has experienced extreme temperatures, (hint ) approximately 3200 Kelvin and a relatively short lifetime of usefulness. The horizontal dimension is less than 1mm. Clicking on this image will show you a higher resolution image.

If these aren't Gaudi condominiums with a view of U.S. deficit spending, then I give up!

This tungsten projection lamp filament provided approximately 200 hours of use in the transmitted illumination assembly which was part of our ARL EMX microprobe. Notice in the background of the view how much smoother the coil of tungsten wire is. It is my thinking as metal atoms are thermally thrown out of the material they are re-ingested into a crystalline lattice on the other side, possibly due to a slight thermal gradient.

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updated: 17 January 1997