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SEM Image Gallery

The scanning electron microscope can provide a very unique perspective of almost everything we take for granted. This collection of images represents a few of the most interesting we have gathered over the years, and we will try to exhibit subjects you have been stumbling over through out your lifetime.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify the subjects (not necessarily in the form of a question). ENJOY!

The gallery initially presents you with a collection of image icons. Clicking on any of them will take you to its own page which will offer a bit of gab in the form of why it is here and a few hints (... you'll need 'em ...) I have also placed some miscellaneous images here ... simply click on the filename to view them ...

We are also very interested in outside submissions of similar images. If you would like to submit ...


If you would like to submit an image you need to digitize the image if it isn't already, and provide 3 different image sizes either as compressed GIF or JPEG, one as an icon, one as a medium size image for the gallery page, and finally a high resolution image for close examination and which could be downloaded if a WWW browser were so inclined. The image sizes (measure on the horizontal) should be approximately 1.5", 3" to 4" and 7" to 8", respectively, and all measured at 72 pixel/inch.
The submission should also include your own HTML source for the image page. For those of you new to HTML, this can be easily done by having your browser software save any of the gallery's image pages as HTML. You can then edit it, inserting your own words and whatever credits you'd like to include. This is a good way to expose yourself to HTML, but you needn't be too concerned with the code you don't understand, but you should be concerned with being given credit.
You'll be able to submit all files by emailing me and making arrangements.

Updated: March 1, 2002

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