What is it?

The structure of this subject is not beyond the capabilities of the human eye. The horizontal dimension is approximately 1mm. This particular structure is not what attracted me to the specimen in the first place, however form has always intrigued me. If I had found anything like this in the real world, I certainly would have photographed it with my trusty Minolta. It is not vegetable or animal. Clicking on this image will show you a higher resolution image.

If this isn't one of the support structures for the TransAmerica Bldg, then I give up!

It is a support structure, however not at the scale required to keep the TransAmerica Bldg. from swaying during the Big One. This happens to be the support post for the projection lamp filament which is displayed on another gallery page. Its material is also tungsten.

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updated: 17 January 1997