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This is structured reading list in school facilities. It contains articles written by (and copyrighted by) Fred Tepfer, as well as links to other sources on the World Wide Web. Students in my classes and in the College of Education should feel free to use this information in whatever way they want. Others may read at will, but reproduction (in print or electronically) requires my permission. Please send requests to

Your reading in this list should follow the structure of the outlline. In addition to an annotated bibliography and an educator's list of building terms, the main readinglist has three general categories, each with an introduction, main topics (shown with numbers), sub-topics (shown
with bullets), and so forth. Read the introduction of a category before its topics, and read a topic before its sub-topics. Don't worry about the numbering, it's just there to differentiate between topics and sub-topics. Read topics in any order that you want.


You will notice that some of the readings aren't yet linked. Yes, this is a work in progress, so you're seeing evidence of writing that hasn't happened yet, hasn't been completed yet, or hasn't been converted to html yet. I will also continue to add links to external sources. Check back frequently! Items listed in bold are underway and should be available soon, at least in draft form.

Please feel free to send comments, corrections, suggestions, and other sources to me at I'm always on the lookout for improvements. For example, if you think making all articles available in Adobe Acrobat format would be easier for you, let me know. If there is some interest out there, I'll make it happen.

Annotated Bibliography

Educator's Dictionary of Building Terms

Building Operation and Management (introduction)

  1. Custodial staff management
  2. Contracting out
  3. Elementary school transportation dilemma
  4. Safety in operations (also listed below under Planning and Design)
  5. Preventive/predictive maintenance systems
  6. Evaluation of existing buildings
  7. Space management introduction
    - Managing Space at Small Colleges, Facilities Manager Sept/Oct /99 (relevant to school districts)
  8. The Strategic Assessment Model (SAM), an assessment tool for facilities management organizations, Association of Physical Plant Administrators

Building Systems: An Introduction

  1. Intro to Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  2. Finishes
  3. A roofing primer
  4. Computers and networks
  5. Acoustics: introduction
    NCEF articles on acoustics:
  6. Fire engineering, fire detection, and fire suppression
  7. Lab Safety, Planning, Design, and Management
  8. Instructional Technology and Presentation Media

School Planning and Design: An Introduction

  1. Educational Specifications and Architectural Programs
  2. Getting Started: Master Planning and Strategic Facilities Planning
    NCEF article by Day
  3. Community , Staff and User Involvment Techniques
  4. Advanced User Involvement Techniques
  5. Facility Audit: Evaluation of Existing Building (also listed above)
    - NCEF links: Facilities Assessment:
  6. School Site Selection and Community Planning and Development
  7. School Size
    - NCEF links: School Size
    CEFPI article on school size: Gross Square Feet per Student
  8. Design for safety and security (also listed above under Building Maintenance and Operation)
    - Basics of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  9. Spaces for Education: School Space Standards
    Classroom design, building block of a school
    Child development and the design of school environments
    Outdoor environments: classrooms, recreation, athletics
  10. Build or Renovate? articles at NCEF site
  11. Project Cost and Budget Management, intro
  12. The Americans with Disabilities Act, Accessibility, and Universal Design
    link to the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (with Tepfer notes)
  13. Contracts, contracts, and more contracts


other interesting links still being incorporated above: (a few in PDF)

NCEF articles: hot topics