Eugene D. Humphreys

Department of Geological Sciences
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403


Ph.D. in Geophysics, California institute of Technology, Pasadena, June 1985, Thesis: Studies of the Crust-Mantle System beneath Southern California

M.S. in Geophysics, University of California, Riverside, June 1978, Thesis: Telluric Sounding and Mapping in the Vicinity of the Salton Sea Geothermal Area, Imperial Valley, California

B.S. in Geophysics, University of California, Riverside, June 1975


Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Oregon, Sept. 1997 - present

Associate Professor, Sept. 1991 - Sept. 1997

Assistant Professr, Sept. 1985 - Sept. 1991

Teacher, Riverside City College, Riverside, California, 1979 - 1980


The Milton and Francis Clauser Doctoral Prize (for the outstanding Caltech Ph.D. thesis of 1985)

Editor's Citation for excellence in refereeing (JGR Red)

Fellow, Geological Society of America

Crosby Professor, MIT (10/99 - 3/00)

Fellow, American Geophysical Union

Jackson Distinguished Professor, U Texas (2/05 - 3/05)


Canadian Earth science program review (7/03)

Steering Committees: USArray and Plate Boundary Observatory (initiation to termination in 2003)

IRIS Executive committee (1/97 - 7/00)

GSA Bulletin Associate Editor (11/96 - 1/00)

GSA Geophysics Division Head (11/97 - 11/98)

NSF review panels: Seismology/Geophysics (3/92 - 9/94), Active Tectonics (4/96, 4/97, 3/98)

Earthscope (10/03)

USGS review panel

Planning committees: Active Tectonics (1995), ILIAD (1994), IRIS Workshops (1996, 1999)

Earthscope Seismic Imaging (2003), Pacific Northwest Earthscope Workshop (2003)

PASSCAL standing committee (6/92 - 6/95)

Some Invited Talks (* indicates multiple visits)

AGU*, Arizona State*, Brigham Young, Caltech*, Carnegie Inst., Columbia*, Colorado School of Mines, GSA*, Harvard, Humbolt, IRIS*, Lithoprobe, MIT*, Pacific Geoscience Centre, Purdue, Rice*, SUNY Stony Brook, Univ Arizona*, UCLA*, UC Riverside*, UC Berkeley*, Univ British Columbia*, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, Univ Colorado, Univ Nevada Las Vegas, Univ Nevada Reno*, Univ New Mexico*, USC, UTAusten, UT El Paso, Univ Utah*, Univ Wisconson, USGS Menlo Park*
Local: Boise State, Central Washington, Humbolt State, Idaho State, Oregon State*, Southern Oregon, Univ Idaho, Univ Washington*, Washington State, Western Washington, Whitman

Supervised Students

Student Degree Year Shared Location
John Rasmussen MS 1989 shared National Park Service, Crater Lake, Oregon
Alberto Patino-Douce PhD 1990 shared Professor (U Georgia)
Peter Puster MS 1990 PhD MIT, Finance, Chicago, Illinois
Francois Saucier PhD 1991 Oceanography Research Director (Mont-Joli, Canada)
Glenn Biasi PhD 1994 shared Research Associate (U Nevada, Reno)
Kenneth Dueker PhD 1994 Professor (U Wyoming)
Xiaohua Peng PhD 1996 Programmer, Portland, Oregon
Erin Hessler MS 1997 Water Analyst, Illinois Water District
Randy Palmer PhD 1997 Back Country Outfitter, Colorado
Rebecca Saltzer MS 1997 PhD, MIT, Seismologist (Arco Petroleum)
Elizabeth Hearn PhD 1998 Professor (U British Columbia)
Mark Hemphill-Haley PhD 1999 shared Professor (Humbolt State, California)
William Hammond PhD 2000 shared Research Scientist, U Nevada, Reno
Derek Schutt PhD 2000 Post Doc, Carnagie Inst., D.C.
Jason Crosswhite MS 2001
PhD in progress
David Adams PhD in progress
Noah Fay PhD in progress shared

External PhD Committee Member

Jonathan Lees, U. Washington, 1994, currently professor (Yale and Duke)

Stephan Rondenay, UBC, 2002, currently professor (MIT)


A "*" indicates a student under my supervision.

In Progress

Adams*, D., and E. D. Humphreys, Mantle attenuation estimates for the Yellowstone swell: Methods and results.


Fay*, N., and Humphreys, E.D., Dynamics of the Salton block: Absolute fault strength and crust-mantle coupling, Geology, Submitted, July 2005.

Hales*, T.C., Abt*, D., Humphreys, E.D., and Roering, J., Columbia River basalt eruptions and uplift of the Wallowa Mountains, Nature, Submitted July, 2005.

Coblentz, D., and Humphreys, E.D., North American dynamics and western U.S. tectonics, J. Geophys. Res., Submitted July, 2005.

In Press

Fay*, N., and Humphreys, E.D., Fault slip rates, effects of sediments and the strength of the lower crust in the Salton Trough region, southern California, J. Geophys. Res., in press, Feb. 2005.

Karlstrom, K. and Humphreys, E., Tectonic history of the Southern Rocky Mountain region: An overview, in Lithospheric structure and evolution of the Rocky mountain region, edited by K.E. Karlstrom and G.R. Keller, Americal Geophysical Union Monograph Series, Americal Geophysical Union, Washington, D.C., 2003.


Schutt*, D.L., and Humphreys, E.D., P and S wave velocity and Vp/Vs in the wake of the Yellowstone hotspot, J. Geophys. Res., doi:10.129/2003JB002442, 2004.

Humphreys, E., E. Hessler*, K. Dueker, E. Erslev, G.L. Farmer, and T. Atwater, How Laramide-age hydration of North America by the Farallon slab controlled subsequent activity in the western U.S., The George A. Thompson volume, International Book Series, 7 (invited), S.L. Klemperer and W.G. Ernst, editors, 524-544, Geol. Soc. Am., Boulder, Colorado, 2003,
and International Geology Review, 45, 575-595, 2003.

Crosswhite*, J.A., and Humphreys, E.D., Imaging the Mountainless Root of the 1.8 Ga Cheyenne Belt Suture and Clues to its Tectonic Stability, Geology, 31, 669-672, 2003.

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Humphreys, E.D., D.L. Schutt*, K.G. Dueker and R.B. Smith, Beneath Yellowstone: Evaluating plume and non-plume models using teleseismic data, GSA Today, 10, 2000.

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Hammond*, W.C., and E.D. Humphreys, Upper mantle seismic wave attenuation: The effect of realistic partial melt distribution, J. Geophys Res., 105, 10,987, 2000.

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