Geradline Mereno-Black


Projects and Recent Research and Fieldwork Experience

Research Topic:
Communities and Schools Together: A community-Based Participatory Reserch project to Prevent Childhood Obesity
Years:                     2008-2013
Location:                 Eugene, Oregon
Collaborator            G. Moreno: Senior Research Associate
Funding Source        NIH

Research Topic:
Nutrition, Cognition and Cardiovascular Risk Status in Older Hispanic and non-Hispanic Groups.
Years:                      2007-2008
Location:                  Miami, Florida
Consultant                G. Moreno
Funding Source:        Byrd Alzheimer s Institute

Research Topic:
Nutrition Counseling in Obstetric and Midwifery Practice
Years:                      2007-2008
Location:                  Oregon
Co-PI                       G. Moreno & M. Cheyney
Funding Source:        Univ. Oregon Faculty Summer Research Award

Research Topic:
interdisciplinary Food Studies project to Enhance Collaborative Student learning Across Disciplines.
Years:                       2007
Location:                   Eugene, Oregon
Co-PI                        G. Moreno and I. Asim
Funding Source:         Williams Council Award

Research Topic:
Diet, growth and coping strategies of factory workers in Thailand
Years:                        2001 to present
Location:                    Chon Buri, Thailand
P.I.:                           G. Moreno
Funding Source:          Fulbright Hays Senior Scholar Research Award

Research Topic:
Chemoprevention study with HIV-1+ individuals.
Years:                         2002 - 2004    
Location:                     Miami , Florida
P.I.:/Collaborators:      Gail Shor-Posner, G.  Maria-Jose Miguez, G. Moreno-Black, Ximena Burbano, Sandra O'Mellan ,and  P. Yovanoff , Ph.D.                   
Funding Source:          NIDA; NIH

Research Topic:          
UO Technology in the Curriculum Grant: Teaching Nutritional Anthropology through Practice and Problems: (Spring 2002 - Summer 2003) This award focused on the development of problem based web based activities as a teaching tool for Anthropology 363
Years:                         2002-2003      
Location:                     University of Oregon 
P.I./ Collaborators       G. Moreno, C. Leue
Funding Source:          UO Technology in the Curriculum Grant:

Research Topic:
Gender, Power, And Making A Living in Rural Laos           
Years:                        2001 - 2003                
Location:                    Lao, PDR
Co- P.I.:                     C. Ireson-Doolittle; G. Moreno
Funding Source:          Freeman Fellowship

Research Topic:
At the Factory, At the Table
: Diet and Self Care of Industrial Workers
Years:                        2000 - 2001
Location:                    Chon Buri, Thailand
P.I.:                           G. Moreno
Funding Source:          Center for the Study of Women in Society
Collaborators              P. Homchampa

Research Topic           Attitudes and perceptions of Menstruation and athletic participation among young women
Years:                        1998 - 2002                
Location:                    Northwest USA
Co-P.I.:                      G. Moreno; H. Vallianatos                 
Funding Source:          Center For the Study of Women In Society

Research Topic:
Diet and growth issues in female-headed and dual/male-headed Afro-Ecuadorian Households
Years:                        1997 - 2000                
Location:                     Ecuador
Co-P.I.:                      G. Moreno, C. Guerr—n-Montero      
Funding Source:          Center For The Study of Women In Society; UO Department of Anthropology

Research Topic:
Gender Issues in Food Procurement and Preparation in Northeastern Thailand
Years:                        1990 - 1999               
Location:                    Northeast Thailand (Isan)       
P.I.:                           G. Moreno
Funding Source:          Social Science Research Council, Wenner-Gren Foundation, Fulbright Hayes Foundation, National geographic Society
Collaborators              P. Rathkette, P. Homchampa, W. Akanan