Jean Stockard, PhD 

Professor Emerita and Sociologist

I have Bachelor of Arts degrees in mathematics and sociology, a Masters of Arts in Sociology, and a PhD in Sociology. From 1974 to 2011 I taught at the University of Oregon in the Departments of Sociology and Planning, Public Policy, and Management. My classes dealt with a variety of areas: substantive subjects such as the sociology of education, sociology of health, children and society, and comparative sociology, as well as methodology and quantitative analysis. While no longer teaching I continue to work with select students on their masters and doctoral projects. Over the years I have published books and articles in a wide variety of areas including sociology of gender, urban sociology, sociology of education, sociology of health, and demography. I was President of the Pacific Sociological Association, the regional association serving the western United States, Canada, and Mexico, in 2003, and served  as co-editor of Sociological Perspectives, a general sociological journal affiliated with the PSA. Since retiring from teaching I have continued my research. All of my work is focused, in one way or another, on facets of health as defined by the World Health Organization:  "physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."
My research also builds on a long-standing interests in health, education, gender, and human development. These are general areas in which my scholarly work has focused over the last decade:

Examining literature regarding the Direct Instruction curricular programs. I recently published a book, with colleagues Tim Wood, Cristy Couthlin, and Caitlin Rasplica Khoury, that summarizes our extensive meta-analysis of the literature on DI's effectiveness. The book, titled All Students Can Succeed (Lexington/Rowman and LIttlefield), also includes extensive discussions of historical, methodological, and political issues regarding change in education.  (related publications)

Continuing my collaborative research with Professor Gaylene Carpenter analyzing a ten-year panel study of middle aged adults' values, attitudes, and perspectives on life. Dr. Carpenter and I recently published a book on this work titled A Decade of Change and Continuity in Midlife (Cambridge Scholars Publishing). (related publications)

Serving as the senior researcher for COACh, a grass-roots organization based at the University Oregon that works to increase the number and career success of women scientists and engineers (related publications).

Continuing my long-time collaborative research with Professor Robert O'Brien on cohort variations in well-being and lethal violence (related publications).

Analyzing data gathered by Professor Geraldine Moreno regarding children's nutritional health (related publications)

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Last updated July 5, 2020.