Jean Stockard, PhD 

Professor Emerita and Sociologist

I have Bachelor of Arts degrees in mathematics and sociology, a Masters of Arts in Sociology, and a PhD in Sociology. All of my work is focused, in one way or another, on facets of health as defined by the World Health Organization:  "physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." My research also builds on long-standing interests in education, gender, and human development. 


From 1974 to 2011 I taught at the University of Oregon in the Departments of Sociology and Planning, Public Policy, and Management. Over the years I have published books and articles in a wide variety of areas including sociology of gender, urban sociology, sociology of education, sociology of health, and demography. I was President of the Pacific Sociological Association, the regional association serving the western United States, Canada, and Mexico, in 2003, and served as co-editor of Sociological Perspectives, a general sociological journal affiliated with the PSA. To see a list of all my publications and selected technical reports and white papers, including, where possible, links to PDFs, click here.


Since retiring from teaching I have continued my research. My scholarly work has focused on five general areas.

1) Senior researcher and co-interim director of COACh, a grass-roots organization based at the University Oregon that works to increase the number and career success of women scientists and engineers. My research has involved understanding inequities within STEM and avenues for change. Click here to see a list of related publications. 

2) Examining literature regarding the Direct Instruction curricular programs, a highly structured approach to instruction. A book, All Students Can Succeed (Lexington/Rowman and LIttlefield), co-authored with colleagues Tim Wood, Cristy Couthlin, and Caitlin Rasplica Khoury, summarizes an extensive meta-analysis of DI's effectiveness. It also discusses historical, methodological, and political issues regarding change in education. Click here to see a list of my related publications.

3) Collaborating with Professor Gaylene Carpenter in analyzing a ten-year panel study of middle aged adults' values, attitudes, and perspectives on life. Our book, A Decade of Change and Continuity in Midlife (Cambridge Scholars Publishing), summarizes much of this work. Click here to see a list of related publications

4) Continuing to examine variations between birth cohorts in well-being, including lethal violence. Much of this work was done in collaboration with Professor Robert O'Brien. Click here to see a list of related publications.

5) Analyzing data gathered by Professor Geraldine Moreno regarding children's nutritional health. Click here to see a list of related publications.

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Last updated March 26, 2022.