Draft Minutes of the First Meeting of the Organizing Committee Worldwide Study of the Physics and Detectors for Future Linear e+e- Colliders

July 29, 1998 (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Present: Alan Astbury, Jonathan Bagger, Charles Baltay, Michael Danilov, Paul Grannis, Rolf Heuer, Tao Huang, Shinhong Kim, Sun Kee Kim, Sachio Komamiya, Takayuki Matsui, David Miller, Steve Olsen, Marcello Piccolo, Charles Prescott, Francois Richard, Ron Settles, Toshiaki Tauchi

Sachio Komamiya reviewed activities in the Asia/Japan region.

David Miller reviewed activities in Europe.

Charles Baltay reviewed activities in North America.

Agreed that Sitges LCWS will be the first international meeting of the whole study.

A list of working groups was agreed on.

There will be three contact persons for each group, one from each region. The three regions will finalize their nominations by September 15th.

The co-chairs will be in contact with Enrique Fernandez for the organizing committee of the Sitges LCWS to consult on the names of session organizers.

The co-chairs will draft a letter giving the charge to the contact persons.

The next meeting after Sitges will be in the USA, possibly at Fermilab in the spring of 2000.

A group of three was set up to consult on a list of references reactions: F. Richards, M. Peskin, K. Fujii. They should report by early November.

The present coordinating committee agreed to remain in existence and meet approximately once a year as appropriate. The membership will evolve with time. The next full meeting will be at Sitges. The committee felt that its size is about right.

It was agreed that the chairs would investigate possible sponsorship from ICFA or other appropriate groups.