James Schombert
    Department of Physics, University of Oregon
    Office: 461 Willamette Hall
    Phone: (541) 346-5214
    E-mail: jschombe@uoregon.edu
Biographical Information
    Asst./Assoc./Full Professor, Univ. of Oregon, 1996-present
    Staff Scientist, Astrophysics Division, NASA HQ, 1994-1996
    Project Scientist, NASA/JPL, 1991-1996
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Univ. of Michigan, 1988-1991
    Senior Research Fellow, Caltech, 1984-1988
    Ph.D. in Astronomy, Yale University, 1984
    B.S. in Astronomy, University of Maryland, 1979

Research Interests

    I am working in the areas of galaxy formation and evolution, particularly as they apply to low surface brightness (LSB) galaxies and color evolution in cluster populations. My recent research has explored the HI and optical properties of LSB dwarf galaxies, the color evolution of ellipticals in distant clusters and the formation of S0 galaxies, funded through NSF or NASA's HST/Spitzer/GALEX programs. I am also involved in a number of e-science projects funded through NASA's HPCC and AISR programs to develop the National Virtual Observatory.


    General Education:
    AST121: The Solar System
    AST122: The Birth, Death and Destruction of Stars
    AST123: Galaxies and the Expanding Universe
    Honors College:
    Cosmology(Honors College Seminar)
    21st Century Science (Honors College Science)
    History of Space Flight
Publications: for a list click here or here