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Fan design sample, two birds in tree

Fan design sample print, Kneeling Nudes

Japanese Color Fan Design 

Two Birds in Tree

after Takeuchi Seihō, c. 1912-1940

Fan design sample print, Kneeling Nudes

IHL Cat. #1739
Markings on Design

appearing on verso
奥村 Okumura? or Muraoku?

Dimensions H x (W) x L: 8 5/8 x (5 3/4) x 18 7/8 in. [21.9 x (14.6) x 47.9 cm]

The design for this fan print was "borrowed" from the below pair of six panel screens created by the artist Takeuchi Seihō (1864-1942) around 1904 titled Willow Trees on the Frosty Riverside.

Willow Trees on the Frosty Riverside, c. 1904 [also seen titled as "Bleak and Lonely"]
color on silk/a pair of six-panel folding screens, 167.5×372.0 each cm 
J00140 The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto