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Daimotsu, Amagasaki from the series Collection of Scenic Views of Japan II, Kansai edition


Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Daimotsu, Amagasaki

from the series

Collection of Scenic Views of Japan II, Kansai edition

by Kawase Hasui, originally 1940

IHL Cat. #293

About This Print

Catalog Raisonné Entry

Source: Kawase Hasui; The Complete WoodblockPrints, Kendall Brown, Amy Reigle Newland, Amsterdam, Hotei Publishing, KIT Publishers, 2003, p. 101.
Narazaki1 (Hasui's biographer) writes: "This is the Daimotsu bay made famous in the Heikie monogatari (The tale of Heike) of the early Kamakura period (1185-1333). These days there are few opportunities for a traveler to experience this area as it once was since it is now part of the harbor district in the Hanshin industrial belt. For this reason Hasui's depiction is interesting." Amagasaki is situated in Hyogo prefecture.

1 Narazaki Muneshige, Hasui's biographer and compiler of the artist's first catalogue raisoneeé Kawase Hasui mokuhanga shuMainichi Shinbun, Tokyo, 1979. 

Amagasaki harbor today

Catalogue Raisonné
image and entry
335 Daimotsu, Amagaski
Series: Collection of scenic view
of Japan II, Kansai edition
(Nihon fūkei shū II, Kansai hen, Amagasaki Daimotsu)

Catalogue Raisonné
(figure 11)
Watercolor based on design for print #335

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #293
 Title Daimotsu, Amagasaki
 尼崎大物 Amagasaki Daimotsu
 Series Collection of Scenic Views of Japan II, Kansai edition
 日本風景集 関西篇 Nihon fūkei shū II Kansai hen
 Kawase Hasui (1883-1957)
Hasui 巴水
 Seal Kawase seal (see above)
 Publication Date 1940 original publication date
 Edition This print is a later impression, produced during the artist's lifetime, with publisher's round "A"-type 6mm seal. (For a full discussion of Watanabe publisher seals see "Watanabe Publisher Marks, Seals and Editions")
Watanabe Shōzaburō
Watanabe "A"-type seal (in use from approximately 1918-1924 and 1945-1957)
reading (in Katakana):  
ワタナベ Watanabe Shōzaburō
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition good - toning to verso bottom 1/2 of print slightly visible on front of print, a few minor horizontal creases.
 Genre shin hanga (new prints)
 Format ōban tate-e
 H x W Paper 15 1/4 x 10 3/8 in. (38.7 x 26.4 cm)
 H x W Image 14 1/4 x 9 5/8 x in. (36.2 x 24.6 cm)
 Collections This Print Los Angeles County Museum ofArt M.73.37.208 (later edition with 6mm seal); The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo P00138-046 (unspecifiededition with no visible seal); University of Alberta Art Collection 2001.6.2 (unspecified edition with no visible seal)
 Reference LiteratureCatalogueRaisonné: Kawase Hasui; TheComplete Woodblock Prints, Kendall Brown, Amy Reigle Newland, Hotei Publishing, KITPublishers, 2003, ISBN: 9074822460, p. 101, pl. 335
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