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Fuji, a supplement to the magazine The Housewife's Friend

Boar from Seihō's Album of the Twelve Calendrical Animals

 Japanese Chromolithograph

Fuji 富士

(supplement to the magazine The Housewife's Friend) 

by Takeuchi Seihō, 1934


IHL Cat. #2106

About This Print

A chromolithograph reproduction of an ink painting of Fuji by Seihō that appeared as a supplement to the  1934 New Year issue of the magazine Shufu no tomo (The Housewife's Friend).  I have not been able to determine if the original painting is extant and, if so, where it resides.

The Honolulu Museum of Art has a reproduction of this ink painting in their collection, see below, which they identify as being published by Shimbi Shoin and date to c. 1920. It is likely that their information is incorrect, including the publishing attribution to Shimbi Shoin, as the two reproductions seem identical (allowing for differences in photography), including the image dimensions of the two. Note that the right margin providing the publishing details of the print is absent on the Honolulu copy. (The information in the right margin is shown in the Print Details table below.)

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Honolulu Museum of Art
Mount Fuji (Modern Reproduction) (Fuji-san)
After: Takeuchi Seihō (Japanese, 1864 - 1942)
Publisher: Shimbi Shoin (Japanese, founded 1906)
Object number: 2.1440
Period: Meiji - early Shōwa period Date: c. 1920
Medium: Modern reproduction (collotype) of a nihonga painting; ink and color on paper
Dimensions: 13 7/8 × 29 1/4 in. (35.2 × 74.3 cm)
Signed: Seihō 栖鳳 (upper left)
Credit Line: Gift of Patricia Salmon, 2003 (2.1440)

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #2106
 Title or Description
富士 Fuji
主婦の友  (第十八卷 ・ 第一號) 附録

supplement to Volume 18, No. 1 [the New Year issue] of the magazine Shufu no Tomo (The Housewife's Friend)
 Takeuchi Seihō (1864-1942)
栖鳳 Seihō
帝室技藝員 Imperial Household Artist*
竹内栖鳳畫 Takeuchi Seihō ga

*An Imperial Household Artist was an artist who was officially appointed by the Imperial Household Agency of Japan to create works of art for the Tokyo Imperial Palace and other imperial residences.

 Seal unread seal (as shown above)
 Publication Date
January 1, 1934

昭和八年十二月八日印刷納本 ・ 昭和九年一月一日印刷納本發行
printed: Shōwa 8th year, 12th month, 8th day
published: Shōwa 9th year, 1st month, 1st day
3rd class mail approval: Taishō 6, 2nd month, 14th day 

Note: 納本 - indicates that a legal deposit copy was provided to a government agency. Note that this was prior to the enactment of the "legal deposit system" under National Diet Library Law (Law No.5, February 9, 1948).

 Edition not applicable
Shufu no Tomo Co. Ltd 

  editor, publisher and printer: Yashiro Noboru
  publishing house: Shufu no tomo

note: Yashiro Noboru (?-?), a graduate of Waseda University, took over publishing responsibility for Shufu no tomo in the spring of 1923 and assumed editing responsibility in 1926.
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition excellent - folds as originally issued
 H x W Paper 13 7/8 x 30 11/16 in. (35.2 x 77.9 cm )
 H x W Image 13 7/8 × 29 1/4 in. (35.2 × 74.3 cm)
 Collections This Print Honolulu Museum of Art 2.1440
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