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Yanaka Pagoda in Moonlight

South China Scenery from the series Seihō's Masterpieces

 Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Yanaka Pagoda in Moonlight

by Takeuchi Seihō,

posthumous print originally issued 1941

Mount Fuji (folding fan design)

IHL Cat. #781

About This Print

This Unsōdō published posthumous print pictures multi-storied Yanaka Pagoda in Kyoto.  The design was originally issued as part of the second series of prints in Seiho's Masterpieces (see image below.)  The style is very much that of Seihō's post-China work (after 1921), using soft washes, an example of which is shown below. 

Chinese Landscape 水墨山水, 1922
Hanging scroll; ink on paper
Image: 44.1 x 48 cm (17 3/8 x 18 7/8 in.)
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Accession number: 40.725

Unsōdō, who published most of Seihō's works during his lifetime, re-printed, from newly carved blocks, a number of Seihō's works after his death.  This print is one of them and has been re-issued a number of times with variations, as can be seen below.

original print issued 1941 as part of the second series of Seiho's Masterpiece
(New York Public Library - Spencer Collection)
image from Artelino website
image from Artelino website

image from Artelino website

While difficult to discern, I believe several Chinese characters are overlayed in black on the gray washes of the pagoda.

Print Details

 IHL Catalog #781
 Title Yanaka Pagoda in Moonlight 月の
 Title taken from originally issued print.  See "Publication Date" below.
 Takeuchi Seihō (1864-1942)
栖鳳作 Seihō saku with unread seal
 Seal as shown above
 Publication Date originally issued in the second series of Seiho's Masterpieces, 1941.  This print, likely from newly carved blocks is undated and likely issued after the artist's death
 Edition unknown, multiple editions/printings were done by the publisher
 Unsōdō Publishing (sticker on verso)
 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition excellent
 Format shikishiban
 H x W Paper 10 5/8 x 9 3/8 in. (27 x 23.8 cm )
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