ANSWERS: A-to-Z Eugene, An Exploration Game

  1. Arts in "Planet Eugene"
  2. Bijou Theater
  3. Club Sports for Students at UO
  4. Ducks, The University of Oregon Mascot ("Go Ducks!")
  5. Emeralds Baseball Team (The Ems)
  6. Fifth Street Public Market in Eugene
  7. Gateway Mall and Theater in Springfield (next to Eugene)
  8. History of Eugene from the UO Library
  9. International Student and Scholar Services at UO
  10. Japanese, one of several majors in Asian Studies at the UO
  11. Knight Library at the University of Oregon
  12. Lane Community College (LCC)
  13. McKenzie River images, part of Eugene and points East
  14. News from UO
  15. Oregon Country Fair
  16. Photos (Pictures) of Oregon
  17. Questions about UO ( in Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs)
  18. Register Guard Local Newspaper in Eugene
  19. Saturday Market
  20. Theater show times and locations for movies in Eugene
  21. University of Oregon (UO)
  22. Virtual tour of the UO campus
  23. Weather in Eugene
  24. Exploration...IE3 Global Internships: Career Exploration and Development for UO students
  25. Yamada Language Lab at University of Oregon
  26. Zebrafish Lab at UO

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