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PIZZAZ has been an Online Resource since 1995 from Leslie Opp-Beckman
For Scribblers and Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)


Description for this website: Simple creative writing and oral storytelling activities with printable handouts for: Poetry | Fiction | Bag of Tricks.

ESOL student level:
These activities scale well to beginner through advanced level proficiency and can be used with all ages.

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Cinquain Poems Five-line poems very easy to write. They do not have to rhyme.
Diamante Poems Diamond-shaped poems - real gems! Seven lines in all. They do not have to rhyme.
Haiku Poems Short, three-lined poems (originally from Japan) with 5, 7, and 5 syllables on each line respectively.
Headline Poems Use popular media to create these interesting poems. Adapted from Iris Moye.
Limericks How-to teaching ideas with templates.
Persona-Poems A structured 8-line poem, biographical in nature. Works well as a paired activity.
Sausage Poems For vegetarians and carnivores alike, these simple chained poems are easy to write and fun to read.
Twist Poems Bi-directional spiraled poems using contrastive themes or topics.
Up and Down Poems Structured poems using a word or phrase in a top-to-bottom ("up and down") direction. Adapted from Sylvia Helmer.


Basket Stories Students tell stories based on a basket full of prompts that they have generated.
Chain Stories Multi-authored stories. (Can also be done with email.)
Magazine Marvels Students create stories from magazine picture collections.
Story Boxes Create stories using physical prompts. Also see Bits and Pieces, a similar site from Houghton Mifflin [external link].
Wacky Web Tales Web-based Mad Libs from EduPlace. Fill in the blanks with parts of speech (verbs, nouns, etc.) to make funny stories [external link].

Bag of Tricks

A-to-Z Discovery Game Students work in pairs or groups to create a discovery activity on a central theme or topic.
Tongue Twisters Create individualized tongue twisters with names.
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