Maa Language Project

Kenyan Southern Maasai, Samburu

Doris L. Payne, University of Oregon

With the collaboration of Leonard Ole-Kotikash, Keswe Ole-Mapena, Sarah Tukuoo, Kimeli Ole-Naiyomah, Renoi and Morompi Ole-Ronkei,
Daniel Nalangu, Josiah Ole-Kirisuah, Stephen Lentoror, Moses Lekempe, and many other colleagues


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Some of the data cited in this website come from work pursued together with Leonard Ole-Kotikash, Philip Koitelel, Daniel Nalangu, and Sarah Tukuoo (IlKeekonyokie Maasai); Kimeli Ole-Naiyomah, Vincent Konchellah, Renoi and Morompi Ole-Ronkei (IlWuasinkishu); Keswe Mapena and Jonathan Ololoso (IlPurko); Stephen Lentoror and Moses LeKempe (Samburu); and others.  Additionally, this this has been informed by the work of Robert Allen, Daniel Blades, Sherri Brainard, Mitsuyo Hamaya, Robert Mix, Linette McDaniel, Cynthia Schneider, Kent Rasmussen, Ando Rasolofo, and others. It also builds on the published vocabulary in Tucker and Mpaayei's Maasai Grammar with Vocabulary (1955), and on a draft dictionary of Samburu by Stephen Wagner.  The on-line dictionary is still preliminary. Please do not copy from this description without acknowledgment (links are welcome).

This work has been partially supported by a research fellowship from the Fulbright Foundation, the National Science Foundation (Grant no. SBR 980-9387) to Doris Payne and the University of Oregon, the support of the Department of African Languages and Linguistics at the University of Nairobi, the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, and logistical help from many friends and colleagues in Nairobi and in SIL, and by Thomas Payne.

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