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James Mohr and John Nicols, Department of History, University of Oregon.

First Edition

The First Edition of the atlas was published on this site in August, 1997.

First Edition North America Map Archive

First Edition Europe Map Collection

First Edition Europe Image Library

Links to map modules in the Second, Third and Fourth Editions are listed left and on the Welcome Page.

Second Edition [2000]

A Second Edition, focusing on the history of the United States, was developed with the support of Pearson Education and then was repositioned at the University of Oregon.

Third Edition [2003-2011]

The Third Edition was been expanded to include the modules on the history of Europe, Latin America and Africa. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the University of Oregon, and the Universität Münster provided support for this edition.

Fourth Edition [2016]

The fourth edition converted most modules to HTML5, making the maps compatible with current web browsers. The University of Oregon [Office of Research, College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of History] and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation supported the conversion.