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THE HUMAN SUBJECT (and beyond)

My research concerns how the notion of human individuality and subjectivity develops in different ages (from antiquity to modern times) and in different philosophical and religious traditions.

The modern and contemporary part of my research and teaching activities focuses on Baroque culture, the philosophy of Giambattista Vico, the poetry of Giacomo Leopardi and the prose of Alessandro Manzoni.

My actual projects address in different ways the problem of Humanism in our time and reflect on the crisis of traditional notions of human subjectivity.



The Petrarch Project
Reading Petrarch's Canzoniere in the digital era.

A Blog devoted to rethinking historical humanism, the idea of "humanism of the other man" and the "Posthuman condition."

Autobiography, Death and the Age of the Impersonal
A book project of the history of the inter-subjective dimension of autobiography.