Structural Geology 2010

Tentative Syllabus

week Monday Wednesday Friday Lab
1 (3/29) Introduction to course Contacts
homework 1 due
Outcrop Patterns Geometrical

2 (4/5) Introduction to stress  Mohr Circle for stress Finish stress; faults Geometrical

3 (4/12) Faults--Normal faults
homework 2 due
Normal, Thrust faults Thrust faults Cross-Sections

4 (4/19) Strike-slip faults
homework 3 due
Strike-slip faults, fractures High vs. Low T structures  Cross-Sections

5 (4/26) Ray Weldon--active
Midterm Review   Midterm Exam

6 (5/3) Brittle-ductile trans  Brittle-ductile transition
 Fold geometries

7 (5/10) Intro. to Stereonets
Homework 4 due
  Stereonets Folds and folding
Homework 5 due

8 (5/17) Deformation Mechs. Deformation Mechs. Small-scale Structures Stereonets

9 (5/24) Memorial Day Small-scale Structures Small-scale Structures Small-scale Structs.

10 (5/31) Intro to Tectonics
Intro to Tectonics Course Review Small-scale Structs.