Bastendorff Beach

Bastendorff Beach is the ~1.5-mile ocean beach just south of the south jetty of the Coos River / Coos Bay.  It is accessed by a short loop Bastendorff Beach Road from the Cape Arago Highway (OR 540) west of Charleston, Oregon.  Bastendorff Beach is also the name of a BLM-managed recreation facility with parking and sand trails at the beach level.  Finally, it's also the name of a Coos County park and campground, located uphill at the bluff-top level above the beach.

The BLM facilities are the best way for the public to enjoy Bastendorff Beach.  They occupy the northern two thirds of the beach, and include four of Oregon's numbered beach access points:

South of 133B, the beach is crossed by a creek that was still flowing in July.  The south end of Bastendorff Beach has private beach accesses associated with an Oceanside RV park.

Bastendorff Beach ends at a steep sandstone cliff, extending seaward like a giant carved wall.  It appeared that one might climb over the lower portion to the west, above the waves, to reach a pocket beach on the other side, between Bastendorff Beach and Yoakam Point.

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Written 2022.