Cape Arago Highway
OR 540

OR 540, the Cape Arago Highway, is a spur from US 101 that runs southwestward from Coos Bay / North Bend through Charleston and along the shoreline from the mouth of Coos Bay to wild Cape Arago.  It is one of a few essential detours from US 101 for travelers on the Oregon Coast.  OR 540 is lined with scenery and parks.

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From north to south, the attractions are:

Coos Point

As yet, I've not explored Coos Point.

Bastendorff Beach

Bastendorff Beach features a BLM beach-side recreation area.

Bastendorff Beach County Park

A Coos County park featuring a campground above Bastendorff Beach.

Yoakam Point

Yoakam Point is a headland along the Cape Arago Highway, and the undeveloped State Natural Area that occupies it.  There is gravel parking along the highway.  A well-used trail leads down to a beach south of the point; a spur to the right connects with a network of trails through the spruce forest atop the headland.

Sunset Bay State Park

Sunset Bay State Park is a scenic state park with a lovely bay sheltered within a natural sandstone bowl.  There is a sandy beach along the bay, an extensive day use area, and a campground.  There is even an adjacent golf course.

Shore Acres State Park

Formerly the estate of a shipbuilding and shipping magnate, now a state park maintaining the formal gardens.  There is a pocket beach, and a lot of scenery to enjoy.

Simpson's Reef

Simpson's Reef viewpoint occupies a high bluff overlooking the rocks of Simpson's Reef, with busy colonies of seals and sea lions.

Cape Arago State Park

Cape Arago is a mountainous mass jutting out into the Pacific Ocean south of Coos Bay.  Cape Arago State Park occupies the coastal rain forest atop the headland, and is the end of the line for the ~15-mile Cape Arago Highway.  It offers overlooks and trails for the North Cove and the South Cove, and a high overlook point looking westward out to sea.

Begun 2020; updated 2022.