Big Creek

A bridge crosses Big Creek at milepost 175 on US 101 on the Oregon coast.  I think of this as an undeveloped beach access, with parking for a few cars where Big Creek Road meets the highway.  Without highway signage, few travelers stop here.

It's a short bushwhack down to beach level.  As with many of the beaches on this wild part of the coast, thick beds of 6-inch rocks line the base of the bluffs and the bed of Big Creek where it flows across the beach.

Half a mile to the south along the beach is Muriel O. Ponsler State Scenic Viewpoint.  To the north, interesting rock formations jut from the sand.  I doubt the beach is passable all the way to Rock Creek Campground a mile north.

This stretch of highway between Cape Perpetua in Lincoln County and Heceta Head in Lane County isn't far from Yachats or Florence, but it feels remote, with marginal to no wireless service, wild headlands and beaches, and lots of parks and waysides.

According to, conservation groups transferred the parcel in 2012 to Oregon State Parks, to be managed for wildlife and perhaps added to Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park.

Note that has an entry for a Big Creek State Park on the Oregon Coast, with a large-scale map showing the approximate location of the Oregon "Big Creek", but the text and a smaller scale map show that the entry is actually about Big Creek State Park in Polk City, Iowa.  One wonders what wild confusion of data resulted in such an erroneous page.  They must have heard that Oregon State Parks acquired the local property and confused it with their data about the Iowan park.  Don't come to the Oregon site expecting a shooting range or anything else -- it's not a developed park, as of yet.