Driftwood Beach SRS

153   🅿   🚻   💧   🐚   66

Driftwood Beach State Recreation Site near milepost 153 on US 101 (between Newport and Waldport in Oregon) is a state park with paved parking, rest rooms, a trail leading through coastal shore pine forest, and another short partially-paved ramp to the sandy beach.  The beach is broad here, but in 2021 was largely under the waves at high tide.  Tide permitting, one can walk 1.3 miles north to Quail Street in Seal Rock, or 1.2 miles south to the first beach access points at Bayshore.

The metal plates embedded in the parking lot conceal equipment to transfer electricity from an offshore experimental wave energy facility.

Driftwood Beach has been assigned #66 in Oregon's system of numbered beach access points.

Begun 2021; updated 2022.