Hobbit Beach

Hobbit Beach is a lovely stretch of Oregon coastal beach just north of Heceta Head in northern Lane County.  It can be reached via a half-mile hike from the Hobbit Trailhead near milepost 177 on US 101, or by a mile-ish hike southward on the beach from the day use area at Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park.  There are no facilities at Hobbit Beach, except natural wonder.

At the south end of the beach, the rocky cliffs of Heceta Head rise into the sky.  Terraced rocks at the base hold tidepools for exploration.

Inland to the east, a tall ancient dune covered by coastal rain forest rises a hundred feet.

To the north, the beach stretches past the length of Carl G. Washburne State Park to China Creek and Muriel O. Ponsler State Scenic Viewpoint.

This stretch of highway between Cape Perpetua in Lincoln County and Heceta Head in Lane County isn't far from Yachats or Florence, but it feels remote, with marginal to no wireless service, wild headlands and beaches, and lots of parks and waysides.

Despite the remote-feeling surroundings and barely developed trailhead, there are usually at least a few people on the beach.  The place must be famous enough as a destination, because I didn't notice any signage visible from the highway.

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