Neptune North

Just south of milepost 168 on US 101 is a bridge over Gwynn Creek, and just south of the bridge is a small park called Neptune North.  There is a small paved parking lot, and a trail leads south to a beach access  82 .  There are no rest rooms, or cell phone service.

A small headland separates the mouth of Gwynn Creek on the north from an open sandy beach to the south.  Fingers of stone terrace jut onto the sand, providing shelter from the north wind but allowing sunshine in the afternoons.  A short walk to the south, the wide year-round flow of Cummins Creek crosses the beach at the site of the next coastal park, Neptune South.

Neptune North is the northernmost of four units of Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint, the northernmost Oregon State Park along the coast of Lane County.  It's just a mile south of the amazing Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.

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Begun 2020.