Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint

Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint is a collection of four parks along the Oregon Coast just south of the Cape Perpetua National Scenic Area.  The four sites offer paved parking, beach accesses, and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the tree-clad mass of Cape Perpetua to the north.  The sites are:

Neptune North

A small paved parking lot on a small headland, just south of milepost 168 and the bridge over Gwynn Creek.  There is no rest room.  A trail leads south to access the beach  82 .  There is a short sandy beach, rocky headland outcroppings, and great scenery.

Neptune South

A highway sign announces Neptune State Park; the beach access sign  82A  calls it Neptune South.  There is paved parking, rest rooms, picnic tables, and stairs down the bluff to the sand and cobble beach.  Cummins Creek rushes to the sea just north, with a short beach beyond.  A short beach leads to the south, with fingers of rock splayed into the ocean beyond.

Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Hill offers a small parking loop off US 101 south of milepost 169.  There are a dozen or so parking spots, and no rest rooms.  The view from this headland is fabulous, however, and trails  83  lead to rocky shoreline and a beach of rugged cobbles to the south.

Bob Creek

Bob Creek is the southernmost of the four units of Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint.  It offers beach access  84  with a dozen or so paved parking spots (no rest room) where Bob Creek rushes under US 101 (at milepost 170) and into the ocean.  A pocket beach of sand and six-inch cobbles beckons, with a tree-clad headland to the north.  The beach leads south a quarter-mile among rocky outcroppings, ending at cliffs where a rocky headland looms seaward.

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