Neskowin Beach State Recreation Site

Neskowin Beach State Recreation Site is a day-use park at milepost 97 on US 101, in the town of Neskowin, Oregon.  Neskowin Creek and brackish Hawk Creek meet on a sandy beach near a tree-clad sea stack called Proposal Rock.  The 2000-year-old stumps of the Neskowin Ghost Forest rise from the sand to the south of the rock, a quarter-mile to the base of the cliffs where the bulk of Cascade Head rises to the south.

A sandy beach stretches north to the mouth of Nestucca Bay, crossed by creeks.  The headland, tall dune, and sea stack at Cape Kiwanda are visible in the middle distance.  Farther north, tall sheer rocky cliffs push seaward to Cape Lookout.

The parking area and rest rooms adjoin US 101.  To reach the beach, follow signage south across a street, and along Hawk Creek.  You can follow Hawk Creek all the way to the beach, perhaps having to wade through it, or cut west through a couple of residential blocks to the sand.

Neskowin Beach State Recreation Site has been assigned beach access number  39B  in Oregon's system of numbered beach access points.  There are several local beach access points along Breakers Blvd west and north of the park.  Number  39A  is called Mount Angel Street, perhaps half a mile north of the park.

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