Paradise Point State Recreation Site

Paradise Point State Recreation Site is a Pacific Ocean beach access point  160  on the north side of Port Orford in northern Curry County, Oregon.  (Map).  Follow Paradise Point Road west from US 101 near milepost 299 to a gravel parking strip atop the low foredune.  There are no restrooms or use fees.  A short sand trail leads down to the open sandy beach.

Paradise Point's pleasant but often windy beach extends a mile southward to Tseriadun State Recreation Site at the base of the cliffs at Port Orford Heads State Park.  The beach extends northward a few miles to the Tituna Spit at the mouth of the Elk River, and beyond that, to the cliffs at Cape Blanco.

The local agates tend to be petite, and often clear or white in color.

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Begun 2017, updated 2020.