Smelt Sands State Recreation Site

163   🅿   🚻 💧   🐚   75

Smelt Sands State Recreation Site is a small but scenic park near milepost 163 on US 101 on the Oregon coast, at Yachats.  The park offers parking for a dozen cars, restrooms, picnic tables, and access 75 to a basaltic rocky shoreline with tidepools and spouting horns.  Yachats 804 Trail stretches north and south along the rocky terrace; there is a stretch of sandy beach less than a mile north.

The rocky shore directly at the park is riddled with clefts, arches, and caves, so depending on the surf energy and tide level, you're likely to see spouting horn style eruptions of surf into the air.  Be aware that unpredictable and powerful sneaker waves sometimes wash everything off of the rocks.  A human would not survive long in the cold, churning, rocky water.  Visitors lose their lives on a near-annual basis up and down the Oregon Coast.

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Written 2018; updated 2022.