Wakonda Beach

Wakonda Beach is an unincorporated community / neighborhood on the south side of Waldport, Oregon.  There is a state airstrip here.

Wakonda Beach is also the name of beach access point 69 just north of milepost 159 on US 101.  The beach access point is just south of resorts called The Edgewater and Cape Cod, and is easy to miss driving the highway because of minimal signage and parking.

The Wakonda Beach beach access point is mostly notable for being the one nearest to The Big Stump, thought to be a coastal redwood that grew from its site 2000 years ago, before the ocean moved in following an earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone.  If you want to visit The Big Stump without wading a creek, your best best is to park here (there are only a couple of spots) and walk a quarter-mile north, or park a mile or two north at Governor Patterson Memorial State Recreation Site and walk a mile south.

There is no seaward-facing sign at the Wakonda Beach beach access point.  Apparently a large fluorescent-green sign with the number 69 was irresistible to thieves.

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