Counterpoints - Issues in Teaching Religious Studies




Acknowledgments and Copyright

Sumner B. Twiss

Mark Unno

Bonus Essay - (external document)
My Teaching Philosophy: Levels of Pedagogy and Individualized Instruction
Mark Unno

Part I-Advice to First-Time Teachers and TAs

Advice for Beginning TAs
Mark Gonnerman

Pedagogical Tools and Strategies for TAs
Mark Unno

Paper Writing Guidelines
Mark Unno

Paper Writing Guidelines (sample) (For a more current sample, click here)
Mark Unno

Writing: The Bridge between Consciousness and Unconsciousness
Megumi and Mark Unno

Creating a Teaching Portfolio
Mark Gonnerman

Part II-Historical Context and Diverse Understandings

Shaping the Curriculum: The Emergence of Religious Studies
Sumner B. Twiss

Some Reflections on the Pedagogical Challenges of Introductory Courses on Islam
S. Nomanul Haq

Part III-Textual Representation & Representation of Text

Reflection on/through Comparison
Mark A. Berkson

Teacher as Authority and Mediator
Andrew Flescher

Kierkegaard's Indirect Communication and the Teaching of Religious Ethics
Aaron Stalnaker

Four Modes of Knowledge and the Representation of Text
Mark T. Unno

Part IV-Professional Method and Personal Engagement

Being Myself, a Teacher
Louis E. Newman

Teaching, Learning And Feeling
J. Giles Milhaven

An Exercise in Learning
Donna Wulff

The Politics of Experience and the Experience of Politics,
or How to be a Poststructuralist in the Classroom

David Ross Fryer

Pedagogical Authenticity: Teaching as Identification
Jung Lee