Air travel to Eugene

This page contains some information on air travel to Eugene, and is intended for the use of participants in conferences at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Oregon.

Here is a list of airlines that serve the Eugene airport. United, Horizon (a commuter line for Alaska), and Skywest (a commuter line for Delta) have been in Eugene for a long time. Allegiant air is a somewhat more recent arrival. In the past, several other airlines have started service to Eugene and then dropped it after a short time, so the information here may well be outdated quickly.

As of August 2012, there are several nonstop flights a day to and from each of Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Denver, and several nonstop flights a week to and from each of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oakland, and Phoenix.

The airline telephone numbers in the following list are from 1993, and have not been checked since then.

The Eugene airport is about 10 miles (about 15 km) out of town. The local bus system (Lane Transit District, 2012 fare $1.75 for a single trip with no transfers, $3.50 for a day pass, exact change only) makes several trips a day to the airport, but not enough to be very useful. Airport shuttle: OmniShuttle, tel. 800-741-5097 or 541-461-7959, fax 541-461-7981. Price (as of August 2012): approximately $22.50 to downtown Eugene and the University of Oregon campus (including nearby motels); $5.00 for each additional person in a group. There are a number of taxi companies in Eugene, the Eugene airport transportation page currently lists about ten. Estimated fare without tips (August 2012): $25.00. The following car rental companies have rental locations at the airport (from the Eugene airport transportation page, August 2012, but the page had not been updated for some time):

Most major U.S. airlines, and a number of foreign ones, serve the Portland International Airport. This airport is a bit over two hours by car (on the freeway) from Eugene. Ground transportation from there to Eugene, however, is somewhat inconvenient.

One possibility is to get from the airport to the Greyhound bus terminal in downtown Portland (by taxi, bus, ...; I don't know the details, but it is some distance). Then take Greyhound to Eugene. There are a number of trips daily, taking about 2.5 hours. Call Greyhound at 800-231-2222 for further information. The Eugene Greyhound terminal is about a 15-20 minute walk from the University of Oregon campus. The local bus system (Lane Transit District, 2012 fare $1.75 for a single trip with no transfers, $3.50 for a day pass, exact change only) has frequent service both to the campus and the motels close to campus. The Greyhound terminal is directly on the EmX line, but stops on this line are farther apart than on most bus lines. (The Dad's Gate station is very close to the math department.)

A web search turned up the following scheduled service from the Portland Airport to Eugene: HUT Portland Airport Shuttle, August 2012 one way fare $59.00, to the Phoenix Inn only, but the Phoenix Inn is right next to the University of Oregon campus. A visitor found City2City Shuttle from the Portland Airport, May 2013 one way fare $59.00, apparently to two locations only: 15th and University, on the University of Oregon campus (but not very close to the Best Western motels) and the Holiday Inn Express, 2117 Franklin Blvd. (tel. 866-430-2692), about four blocks east of the easternmost of the Best Western motels. I have no experience with either of these. These are rather more expensive than Greyhound, but the shared ride shuttle prices I found for Eugene were all at least $250 one way--more than the plane fare.

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