The web presence for the group of Peter L. Ralph at the University of Oregon. I am affiliated with the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, and am a member of the departments of Mathematics and Biology.

We work at the intersection of evolutionary biology, population genetics, probability, and statistics: developing theory about how populations evolve, adapt, and speciate; creating inference methods (and software) for genomic analysis; and doing data analysis on population genomics datasets. A focus is on geography: local adaptation, isolation by distance, and geographically explicit genomic datasets; but our work also ventures into phylogenetics and the evolution of gene regulatory networks.

Have a look at our people, publications, and teaching and events. Code, and some papers in progress, generally live on github.

Some collaborators: Gideon Bradburd, Yaniv Brandvain, Graham Coop, Brad Schaffer, Steve Evans, Sebastian Schreiber.

To contact Peter, send email to plr, at domain (GPG/PGP). Physical coordinates: 6 Deady Hall, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.

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