Peter L. Ralph

I am an assistant professor in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, and part of the Mathematics and Biology departments at the University of Oregon, in Eugene, Oregon. Before that, I was an assistant professor in Molecular and Computational Biology at USC, and before that, a postdoc variously with Graham Coop, Charles Langley, and Sebastian Schreiber, in Evolution and Ecology at UC Davis. In May of 2009, I finished my PhD in the Statistics department at UC Berkeley, advised by Steve Evans.

My research uses probability and statistics to build models for evolutionary processes and to analyze genomic datasets. I particularly like problems with important geographical features.


Matt Lukac: graduate student.

Jared Galloway: programmer. See his website and github.

--- Alumni ---

Josh Schiffman: former graduate student.


Erik Lundgren: former graduate student.

Han Li: former graduate student.

Jessica Crisci former postdoc, working with Peter Ralph and Matt Dean, on questions related to selection and demography.