Biophysics, Imaging, and Soft Materials

We’re biophysicists exploring the structure and dynamics of biological materials such as cellular membranes, the gut microbiome, and the organs of developing animals. We’re also interested in general questions of how soft materials and complex fluids self-organize. We explore these issues using a variety of techniques, with special emphasis on optical microscopy and computational image analysis -- see the Research page for more information (and a few pictures).  “We” means Prof. Raghuveer Parthasarathy, graduate students, undergraduate students, and postdocs. The lab is part of the Physics Department at the University of Oregon.

Feel free to contact Prof. Parthasarathy (raghu [at] with questions, including inquiries about joining the group.

Click for a poster aimed at prospective graduate students, surveying the sorts of things my lab does, including making crème brûlée (part of Prof. Parthasarathy's blog).

Click for a description of Prof. Parthasarathy's pop-science book about biophysics,, So Simple a Beginning: How Four Physical Principles Shape Our Living World, published in early 2022.

Click for our particle localization and tracking page.

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