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Galver and Charny family and friends from Mir

Galver Family members

Galver and Charny Family


Fania and Idel Galver
Chaia-Feigl and Idel Galver, parents of Chiam Galver, grandparents of Sasha Galver

Sheiel Pikus 1939
Sheiel Pikus 1939

Sonia Berman
Rivka Razovsko

Sale Charni (on right)

Gymnasium Mir
Gimnazia, Mir.
Mera Gilemovska, Sonia Galver, Pesia Shklar
Galver children 1937
Fanya Galver and children in ~1937
(L-R) Shaya (Sasha) about 11 years-old,
Yosi, 2 years-old, and Berel (Berl) about 8 years-old.

Basia Charni, Sonia Galver, Basia Galver (Sikler)

Iasha Rozovski
Fanya Zinkin.
Mania Chaimovich.
Zoja Miler
Marim, Breslin, 1939
Marim, Breslin, 1939

Roza (Rodel) Galver and friends, March 24, 1938

Mira Gilmovsky/Gelenovsky

Sonia Galver, Pesia Shkar, ? 1934

Chaim Galver
Chaim Galver 1937 Mir


Roza (Rodel) and Yosi ~1938
children of Chaim and Feiga Galver

Galver family member 1878
Picture notes: These photos were contributed by Sasha Galver. Details and translations will be added when available.
Idel & Fania Galver
Pinchas & Dvora Charny
Chaim Galver & Feiga (Fania) Charney
Rosa (Rodel)
Sasha (Shaya)

The Galver family lived in Mir for generations.

Idel and Fania Galver had three sons and three daughters. Two of Chaim's sisters went to Palestine, Neima Shafran about 1922 and Batya/Basl Sickler about 1934. His two brothers, Mula and Roddle, and another sister, Meisl, remained in Mir. They and Chaim's parents, Idel and Fania were killed by the Nazis.

Chaim and Feiga Galver and their children left in 1940. Between 1940-1946 all of the family went from Belarus to Siberia. While they lived in Siberia, Rodel died of hunger.

In 1947 they left Europe for Israel on the Exodus and eventually all settled in Israel.

See post cards from Siberia and passports and other documents.
Updated September 2007


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