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Mir between the Wars

In 1998 Danny Dancig started sending the Mir web site photos from his sister Bee Joffin's collection. Bee (Brocha) was born in Mir and left with her parents and grandmother in 1929.
In 2014, Bee added to the family story (see Kamenetsky Family) and sent more photographs as well.

Mir Dramatic Society
This photo of the Dramatic Society of Mir. It shows members of the society at the top with stage scenery behind them. Dovid Dancig, is third from the left in front, next to him is Mendel Tabatznik and at the end on the right is Chaiah Belsky. (Dovid Dancig and Chaiah Belsky later married and became the parents of Bee and Danny.)

Mir Theater grou
A Mir theatrical group
Dovid Dancig is the second on the left.
(The above photo was provided by Dovid's daughter, Bee Joffin in 2014)

Five good friends are saying goodbye.
The man in the middle is leaving Mir. Dovid Dancig is the second from the right, so this photo must have been taken sometime before the Dancig family left in 1929.

Four friends
Four Friends near Mir
(Dovid Dancig is on the right.)
Chaiah Belsky

Chaiah Belsky
on the side of the lake or river (circa 1918)

An outdoor gathering of townspeople.
Danny Dancig labeled this photo "Rally". It might be Mir or some nearby town.

Also see photo and signatures of the staff and students in the Folk-shul in 1937


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