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Mir Castle History 2

Prince Nicholas IIvanovitch Sviatopolk-Mirski

Born in Miitskow 5 July 1833 - died 15 July 1898 in Mir. His father was Tomasz Bogumil Jan Swiatopelk-Mirski (1788-1868. He was a godson of Tsar Nicolas II, Général of Cavalerie Cosaque of Don (Ataman des cosaques du Don)
and was "aide de camp" of the Tsar, Membre du Conseil de l'Empire.

In 1895 he purchased the Mir Castle Complex.

He married Princess Véra Ilyitchnina Grouzinzky in Tiflis, Georgia on 4 May 1860. They had one son Prince Ilya Nicolaiévitch Sviatopolk Mirsky, who died at an early age.

His second marriage in St. Petersburg in 14 April 1868 was to Cléopâtre Mikhailovna Khanykov. They had seven children.

1. Prince Michel Nicolaievitch Sviatopolk Mirsky born in Tsarkoie Selo in St. Petersburg 17 July 1870 - died in Warsaw, Poland 16 July 1938 (Chamberlain and minister of state)
2. Prince Ivan Sviatopolk Mirsky born in St Petersburg 27 March 1872 - died in MIR 10 February 1922 (Calvary officer in the imperial army)
3. Prince Dimitri Nicolaievitch Sviatopolk Mirsky born in St Petersburg 1 February 1874 - died Sibiu, Romania 17 January 1950 (member of the Duma in Russia)
4. Prince Wladimir Nicolaiévitch Sviatopolk Mirsky born in St Petersburg 14 April 1875 - died Alexandria, Egypt 27 February 1906 (Titulary minister/council, gentleman of the imperial court and marshal of the Balta nobility)
5. Prince Vassili Nicolaievitch Sviatopolk Mirsky - born 2 May 1877 died 30 October 1879
6. Prince Pierre Nicolaievitch Sviatopolk Mirsky born 3 July 1881 - died 27 January 1882
7. Prince Simon Nicolaievitch Sviatopolk Mirsky born in Novotcherkassk, Russia 24 April 1885 - died in Kharkov, Russia 26 July 1917

Sviatopolk-Mirski Family Crest

Thanks to Michel and Michèle Maximoff for much of the the information and photos above. Michel is the great grandson of Prince Nicholas. He visited his grandmother in Mir in 1938.


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Updated April 2011


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