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Students and Teachers of Mir Yeshiva

The Mir Yeshiva was founded in 1815 and became an important influence on the Jewish community. People came from Poland and Russia and also from Western Europe and North and South America to study and to teach. Students lived in local homes. They bought goods from local merchants. The townspeople of Mir were exposed to people with different ideas and experiences. Some of the students and teachers, along with townspeople are pictured here. (see note below)

Moshe Scharja (Morris Saxe)
photo: Janow 1928
Mir Yeshiva student in 1920s**
Morris Saxe was the father of Allen Saxe
Pinchas Berliner (1916 London-1959 Melbourne)
Student in Mir 1935-1939
Photo Mir 1936*
Pinchas Berliner was the father-in-law of Chaim Freedman

Sugihara transit visa for
Pinchas Berliner*

Yeshiva students and women in Mir family
(Pinchas Berliner top-left)*
Nowojeinia Summer Camp (L-R)
Joshua Chinn, R. Moshe Shein, Harry Horowitz, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,
R. Simcha Weissman, Pinchas Berliner, R. Shmuel Birnbaum. Mottel Jaffe.*
Click on photo for larger image and more information.

Funeral of Mashgiach, Rabbi Yeruchom Levovitz (Leibovitch)
Mir 1936*

At Levovitz funeral,
(L-R) R. Mordechai Karpenshprung, Pinchas Pinchuk, ?, ? R. Mordechai Ginzburg. Mir 1936*

Unknown Rabbi and Shlomo Brodsky*

Nowojeinia Summer Camp (L-R)
Mrs. Mottel Jaffe, ? Benzieer, Mottel Jaffee, Shlomo Yosef Chill, Pesach Cohen, Yeshayahu Lebor, (standing) owner of dacha, his niece, (seated) Joshua Chinn, (standing) family of owner, (seated) Shmuel Sheinberg, ? Shroit, (standing) family of owner, Yisroel Spinner
Photo at Dacha in Belarus*
* Photos on this page and information about them has been provided by Chaim Freedman
**Photo and information provided by Allen Saxe
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Links on other web sites to former students of the Mir Yeshiva

R. Yokhanan Mirsky (the last Rabbi of Zabludow)

The United States Holocaust Museum has a number of photos of students of the Mir Yeshiva. Many, but not all, of the pictures were taken in Shanghai.

An in-depth article, The Adventures of a Mirrer Bochur in Europe by Rav Dov Eliach, tells of his experiences in Mir as a student at the Yeshiva, living in Europe before the war. Additional bits of information, mainly about the Mir Yeshiva, can be found in sections of other web pages (1) (2)

Chaim Freedman has information and documents relating to the experiences of Phillip (Pinchas) Berliner

Pesach Cohen was a Mir Yeshiva student. His granddaughter Sarale Cohen created a web site which includes a report of his experiences in the 1930s, photos and letters from Europe.

Some pictures were extracted from interesting old group pictures. Click in the center of the bordered photos to go to the original image with more information.

Where possible, there is an e-mail link to someone with more information about the photo. There is a photo of the Mir Yeshiva class of 1925 in the collection at YIVO. Contact Allen Saxe for more information.

Updated July 2012


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