Over the last 16 years, the Activity Based Physics (ABP) Group has been active in developing research-based, active-learning curricula and computer tools for teaching introductory physics and physical science. During this period, members of the ABP Group have also provided numerous professional development opportunities for instructors in colleges and universities nationally and internationally. These institutes and workshops have helped faculty learn how to teach more effectively by

1) enhancing their understanding of student learning difficulties, and

2) providing experiences with curricula and computer tools that facilitate student learning of physics.

The Activity Based Physics Faculty Institutes will provide instructors with opportunities to learn about physics education research, ABP curricular materials, and the use of state of the art computer tools for data collection, display, analysis, visualization and mathematical modeling.The program will also support participants in the implementation of these materials in their courses, in conducting action research on student learning as part of their teaching, and in disseminating these materials and strategies to colleagues both locally and regionally.

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