Studies in Language

Studies in Language

Balthasar Bickel, and Ekkehard König, General Editors. Thomas E. Payne, Review Editor

Studies in Language provides a forum for the discussion of issues in contemporary linguistics from discourse-pragmatic, functional, and typological perspectives. Areas of central concern are: discourse grammar; syntactic, morphological and semantic universals; pragmatics; grammaticalization and grammaticalization theory; and the description of problems in individual languages from a discourse-pragmatic, functional, and typological perspective. Special emphasis is placed on works which contribute to the development of discourse-pragmatic, functional, and typological theory and which explore the application of empirical methodology to the analysis of grammar. Two book-series are affiliated with this well-established journal: Studies in Language Companion Series under the editorship of Werner Abraham, and Typological Studies in Language with Spike Gildea as editor. As from Vol. 30. the number of issues has been increased to 4 with a total number of pages per volume of ca. 800.

This journal is peer reviewed and indexed in: Cultures, Langues, Textes; Germanistik; Humanities Index; INIST; ISI; Language Abstracts; Linguistic Bibliography/Bibliographie Linguistique; LLBA; MLA Bibliography

Thomas Payne has been Review Editor of Studies in Language since January, 2006. The following links provide more information concerning this journal.

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