Additional Exercises for Exploring Language Structure: a Student's Guide

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This is the index page for additional exercises relating to the content of the textbook, Exploring Language Structure: a Student's Guide, by Thomas E. Payne, Cambridge University Press, 2006. The exercises are arranged topically by chapter. As of 1 January, 2006, answer keys may be available for some of these, however I need positive identification that you are a faculty member of an institution of higher education before I can send solutions to the exercises. Please contact me if you need solutions. In general, however, I encourage you, as instructors to work the problems yourself. This will give you a better idea of what your students will be going through as they try to solve them. It will also alert you to potential problem areas, including possible typos (gasp!), before they are brought to your attention by your students. Besides, your solutions may not be exactly the same as mine.

All of this material is copyrighted by the original authors, as cited on each problem page, and is used by permission. You may use any of this material under the following conditions:

They are for educational or recreational purposes only.

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Thanks for your understanding. I appreciate any and all feedback you may have on this site, and/or on any of the exercises.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Morphology and Syntax

Chapter 2: Morphological Processes and Conceptual Categories

Chapter 3: Morphophonemics

Chapter 4: Word Classes

Chapter 5: Exploring Sub-classes

Chapter 6: Constituent Structure

Chapter 7: Language Typology

Chapter 8: Grammatical Relations

Chapter 9: Voice and Valence

Chapter 10: Multi-clause Constructions