Research Experience for Undergraduates

A typical REU is 8-10 weeks long and provides students with a stipend ($4000-5000) and, in many cases, assistance with housing, travel, and food. As a participant, you will most likely first read a few papers on your research topic, and from there prove something new relating to that topic.

The full list of NSF-sponsored REUs can be found here. Applications are typically due in February and March.

Many REUs start in early June or late May. The following is a list of schools with REUs that start in late June. Since UO is on a quarter system, applying to these programs might be the best choice for UO undergraduates.

Other Summer Programs

If you're interested in working on real-world research projects, consider the following programs.

Study Abroad

The following programs provide an opportunity to study mathematics, computer science, or mathematics education abroad. All instruction is in English.

BSM, BSME, and AIT also have summer programs.

How you fund these programs depends on your financial aid package and your school's policy on study abroad. The AMS Math in Moscow Scholarship program covers some of the cost associated with attendance for one semester of study in the Math in Moscow program.

Applying to Graduate School

Resources with information about applying for graduate school will be available here soon!

Fellowships and Scholarships

Marie Vitulli has an excellent list of fellowships and scholarships on her website.