Motion US07/08-3 -- to abolish certain standing University Committees and to change the names of other standing University committees which report to the University Senate

Sponsor: Peter Gilkey, mathematics

For Senate Action: November 28, 2007

Moved that: Effective upon passage of this motion by the University of Oregon Senate:

  1. The International Affairs Committee is abolished.
  2. The Status of Women Committee is abolished
  3. The name of the Student Conduct Committee is changed to the Student Conduct and Community Standards Committee. The charge of this committee is changed to:
  4. The name of the Student Conduct Hearings Board is changed to the Student Conduct Hearings Panel and the charge of this committee is changed to:
  5. The name of the Non-tenure track instructional faculty committee (NTTIF) is changed to the Non-tenure trackfaculty committee (NTTF)
  6. The charge of the Environmental Issues Committee shall be to:
  • Financial impact: There is no financial impact to this motion. This motion simply seeks Senate action to approve changes which have already been implemented.
  • Statement of need: Over the years, various bodies in the University have made defacto changes to the nomenclature and existence of certain standing University Committees. Such changes need the dejure recognition by the University Senate. This motion gives the UO Senate a chance either to approve or, one supposes, to disapprove these changes. But in either event, since these committees were created by senate legislation and are required to report to the senate, senate action is required. 
    This was passed by the 28 November 2007 meeting of the UO Senate. A further explaination of these changes may be found on the following web pages:
    1. The International Affairs Advisory Council
    2. The Status of Women Committee
    3. The Student Conduct Committee and the Student Conduct Hearings Panel
    4. The Non Tenure Track Instructional Faculty Committee
    5. Environmental Issues Committee
    Remark: The Technology Transfer Committee was suspended in 2006 until further notice. It does not appear in relevant Senate Legislation and no further action need be taken:
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