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UO Senate 2004-2005

Senate President: Andrew Marcus  (Geography) (541) 346-5709
Senate Vice President: Peter Keyes (Architecture) (541) 346-3640
Senate Secretary: Gwen Steigelman (Academic Affairs) (541) 346-3028

Results of the Spring 2005 Elections for elected university committees, councils, and the University Senate.
Senate Archives, and Abstracts of previous Senate meetings
Assembly Web Page, and Assembly Archives
Information on 2003/4 UO Senate

Meetings 2004/2005

Date Meets Agenda Minutes Some topics
26 May 2004 110 Law School Agenda Minutes Westling Award
1500-1700 Organizational Meeting
13 Oct. 2004 Chapman 207  Agenda Minutes US034/04-10 (convening the assembly)
10 Nov 2004 Chapman 207 Agenda Minutes US03/04-10 (convening the assembly)
1500-1700 and proposed substitute motion
  US04/05-1 (on incompletes)
01 Dec 2004 Chapman 207 Agenda Minutes Fall Cur. Rpt. Prelim and Final
1500-1700 Elect IFS Represenative 
12 Jan 2005 182 Lillis Agenda Minutes   US04/05-2 & US04/05-3 (Relates to IAC) 
1500-1730   US04/05-4 (Oregon Transfer Module)
09 Feb 2005 182 Lillis Agenda Minutes  US04/05-5 (COIA) 
09 Mar 2005 182 Lillis Agenda Minutes Winter Cur. Rpt. Prelim and Final
13 Apr 2005  282 Lillis Agenda Minutes Distinguished Service Committee Report
1500-1700 US 04-05-7 and US 0405-8
11 May 2005  282 Lillis Agenda Minutes Confer Degrees;COC Report, US 0405-6
1500-1700 Spring Cur Rpt Prelim & Final.
25 May 2005  Knight Lib. Browsing Agenda Minutes Organizational Meeting; Westling Award
1500-1700 Elect Senate VP

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