Katya's May 2005 photo

Katya Polishchuk
12/15/2000 -- 11/1/2006

On Saturday, October 31, 2015, at St. John's Orthodox Church there will be a liturgical memorial service (panikhida) to commemorate the 9th anniversary of Katya's passing. As nine years ago, the panikhida will be conducted by Bishop Maxim, head of the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The service will begin at 9:45am and will be followed by a lunch reception (starting around noon) at Pizza Research Institute across the street.

Katya died on November 1, 2006, at 6:22 pm.
She passed away peacefully in her home in Eugene, surrounded by her family members (parents Maria and Sasha, sister Anya, grandmother Natasha, aunt Julia, uncle Arkasha and cousins Lizka and Mitka), Father David and hospice workers Nancy-Diane and Dora.

A memorial service was held at St. John Orthodox Church on Saturday, November 4. The service was conducted jointly by Father David and Bishop Maxim.

Several times during the last 15 months Katya expressed her wish to become a nun at St. Paisius Orthodox Monastery in Safford, Arizona.
After her death, Katya's parents decided to grant this wish by taking her there for burial. They left for Arizona with Katya's body immediately after the short trapeza following the church service and arrived at the monastery on Sunday evening.

In the morning of November 6, Katya was laid to rest.

When we return, we will post here a detailed account of Katya's last jorney.
Like so many other things in her life, it was truly remarkable.

Meanwhile, we invite you to watch a slide show which was played at the service.

Katya's June 2005 photo

        Eugene Rose Garden 8.15.06   

On August 12, 2005, our four-year old Katya was diagnosed with a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma an inoperable malignant tumor of the brain stem with a dismal prognosis.

After noticing that Katya's eye is turning sideways, we took her to a pediatritian who immediately ordered an MRI. An MRI performed at the Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon, showed a brain stem tumor. Katya was rushed to the Doernbecher Children's Hospital at the Oregon Health Science University in Portland, where after a second test (MR spectroscopy) the doctors told us that she has a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, a brain tumor of the worst possible kind. Because of the location of the tumor, surgery is not an option and the only possible treatments are radiation or chemical therapies. But even with all available treatments, the median survial time after diagnosis, according to the doctors, is less than a year.

On this web page we provide information about how Katya is doing, details about her treatment and other medical information (including imaging test results).


katya and anya 8.15.06

    You can reach Katya's family at the following address:

Polishchuk family
848 Foxglenn Ave
Eugene, OR 97405.
    Feb'06 photo