Vsevolod (Volya) Kapatsinski

Selected Presentations



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Schema induction in usage-based morphophonology. Paper presented at Usage-based Approaches to Morphology theme session of the 35th Annual Conference of the German Linguistics Society (DGfS), Potsdam, Germany





Chunk-schema competition in deriving new forms of known words. Poster presented at the American International Morphology Meeting (AIMM), Amherst, MA.


Minding gaps or seeking bumps in learning phonotactics? Poster presented at the Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland, OR.





Regularity is overrated: Stochastic competition in the grammar and the primacy of the lexicon. Poster presented at the Conference on Competing Motivations, Leipzig, Germany.





Rule reliability and productivity: Velar palatalization in Russian and artificial grammar. Paper presented at Laboratory Phonology XI, Wellington, New Zealand.




Rules and analogy in Russian loanword adaptation. Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA.



Perceptual and statistical learning



(Idemaru, Kaori; Loti Holt; & VK). The time-course of dimension-based statistical learning. Paper presented at AMLaP, Riva del garda, Italy.



Lexical frequency effects





 (first author Prakaiwan Vajrabhaya) Articulatory reduction in Thai. Poster presented at CSDL/ESLP 2010, La Jolla, CA, September 16-19.




Does high frequency lead to automaticity? A corpus study. Poster presented at the Workshop on Variation, Gradience and Frequency in Phonology, Stanford, CA, July 6-8.




Having something common in common is not the same as sharing something special: Evidence from sound similarity judgments. LSA Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM.




LAST: A single-mechanism account of type and token frequency effects and their relatives. SRL Lab Talk, Bloomington, IN.





Other lexical issues




 (first author Hideko Teruya) Sharing the beginning vs. the end: Spoken word recognition in the visual world paradigm in Japanese. Paper presented at the Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland, OR.




Constructional borrowing: English NN compounds in Russian. Paper presented at the 10th Annual Conference of the Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Association, Providence, RI, October 9-11.




Syntactic variation in Russian: Adversative conjunctions and sentence production. First Conference of the Slavic Linguistics Society, Bloomington, IN.









(first author Paul Olejarczuk) The syllabification of medial clusters: evidence from stress assignment. Poster presented at Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.




(with David Pisoni) The role of phonetic detail in associating phonological units. Poster presented at Laboratory Phonology XI, Wellington, New Zealand.










Phonological similarity relations: Network organization of the lexicon and phonology, VIII Encuentro Internacional de Linguistica en el Noroeste, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico (Published in the proceedings of Encuentro).










(first author Ying Chen, third author Susan Guion Anderson) Acoustic cues of vowel quality to coda nasal perception in Southern Min. Interspeech 2012.


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