Wright pictures from Turkey


These are some of the hundreds of pictures we took on our Turkey trip in May, 2013 with Country Walkers. The tour began in Antalya, wended its way generally westward along the coast, then ducked inland for a morning in Ephesus before landing in Istanbul. Country Walkers emphasizes hiking, in the company of knowledgeable guides. We were treated to extensive background information about what we were seeing, but I've not put much of that information into the picture captions. Rather than simply presenting the photos in chronological order, which might have made good sense, I've tried to bundle them into batches.


Antiquities contains mainly pictures of ruins, from the Hellenistic period through the Roman period on to the Byzantine era, but it also holds a shot of ancient cave paintings and some relatively recent mosques, one of which began life as a church facing east and was converted to a mosque facing Mecca.


Trails has shots of what we saw looking about us as we walked.


Others has a mix of things that don't belong in either of these first two categories.


After the tour ended, we spent a few days with Leslie's daughter, who is teaching kindergarten and first grade at the Tarsus American College. Here are a few pictures from that visit.


We have a few short videos as well.


Market scene gives a little sense of the bustle of a small market.

Pines and rocks suggests the trail experience.

Flying carpets shows the action at the carpet cooperative.

Rehearsal has the little kids on stage in Tarsus.


We hope you enjoy seeing these pictures. If you'd like higher-resolution versions of any of them, just ask.


Charley and Leslie



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If you have an interest in seeing pictures from our past adventures, simply go up a directory and scroll down to find links.