2014: Transitory Shocks and Birth Weights: Evidence from a Blackout in Zanzibar, Journal of Development Economics, 108, p. 154-168.

2014: Power Outages, Power Externalities, and Baby Booms, Demography, 51(4), p.1477-1500

  1.     Previous version: “Do Blackout Baby Booms Exist?”

2014: Collusion and the Organization of the Firm, with Alberto Motta, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Forthcoming

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Completed Working Papers

Legalize, Tax and Deter: Optimal Enforcement Policies for Corruptible Officials, with Alberto Motta, Resubmitted to the Journal of Development Economics, Updated July 2014

The Trade Consequences of Maritime Insecurity: Evidence from Somali Piracy, with Anca Cristea and Logan Lee, Resubmitted to the  Review of International Economics, Updated October 2014

The Disease Environment, Schooling, and Development Outcomes: Evidence from Ethiopia, Updated October 2014

Work in Progress

Prohibition, Legalization, and the Cost of Corruption in the War against Drugs, with Alberto Motta

The Economics of Village Savings and Loans Associations: Experimental Evidence from Uganda, with Andrea Canidio

How does Mobile Money Affect Adopters’ Social Networks?, with Cynthia Kinnan and Silvia Prina

Borrowing Constraints in Savings and Lending Groups, with Jessica Goldberg and Kristina Walker Pedersen

Zanzibar 2008 Fieldwork